Modern & Contempory Dance Arts

Contemporary Modern Dance is offered to intermediate and advanced students of the ballet program.modern dance with chairs

A sufficient knowledge of ballet is a requirement for the classes at ART’s Modern program.

This course is designed to prepare the aspiring dancer for professional work with choreographers, where dance goes beyond the classical forms and structures.

Jazz is offered at ART because it is the dance form of stage musicals, television, and the movies. It is an exciting, stimulating, and contemporary form of dance. Musical theater could not survive without it! Rhythm, dramatic presentation, and articulation of the body and its emotions are enhanced.

Hip Hop and Streetdance Hip Hop is a style of dance available to anyone who is interested to learn about music and musicality, groove and technique as well as understanding of dance and body awareness, respect and behaviour within the Hip Hop Culture and within society. Last but not least, Hip Hop allows one to "get down" with the rhythm and to have fun with Hip hop dancesome good, entertaining and mostly commercial-free music. Hip Hop is about dance, stretch, dance, have fun, dance, laugh, dance, learn, dance and……….some more dance. Get confident within your body and rock to the music. The style of the choreographies is organic, goes with the flow and usually fits to the beats, rhymes and/or melodies of the music and sometimes also to the lyrics. While dancing hip hop just leave your attitude outside and be open to enhance your "Hip Hop-being" as well as your health, dance abilities, flavour of good music and maybe even some sense of humour.